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Hartford College for Women collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ARCH051

Scope and Contents

The HCW collection consists primarily of the archives of the college before its merger with the University of Hartford and during the transition years. The collection will be of special interest to researchers in the history of women’s education in the twentieth century.

When HCW merged with the University, the college already had an archive in place. Thus, the history of Hartford College for Women (HCW) has been well-documented.

The Hartford College community had a strong sense of tradition from its inception in 1933. A number of informal histories of the college have been written by members of the faculty and other staff members. These are included in the collection. Although Hartford College became a part of the University of Hartford in 199x, that same sense of tradition is carried on today by alumna as well as former faculty, staff and administrators.

Of particular note are documents associated with the many notable individuals who served the college the college. Laura Johnson administered the college as dean from 1943-1958 and president for from 1958-1976 years and had an important influence on several generations of students. , Oliver Butterworth, a much loved and long-time professor of English, was the author of The Enormous Egg and other children's books. Butterworth’s wife, Miriam served as interim president during the years 1979-1980. Trude Kashmann taught classes in modern dance for many years. Musician Paul Harvey taught music and choral performance.


  • Creation: Circa 1930 - circa 2000

Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open to all researchers. Digitized copies of items from this collection have an IP embargo in place. Any patron can access the digital material while on the University of Hartford campus using a device connected to the University’s internet. Computers are available to the public at the Harrison Libraries. University students, faculty, and staff may also access this material off-campus by using the following link and logging in with their University username and password:

Conditions Governing Use

The materials in this collection may be protected by copyright law (U.S. Code: Title 17). Any use of the material which exceeds “fair use” requires permission from the copyright holder. Researchers are solely responsible for obtaining the proper rights for their use of the material.

Historical Note

Hartford College for Women played an important part in the history of higher education for women in the United States and was one of the finest providers of single sex education in its day. The college began as “Mt. Holyoke in Hartford” to provide the first two years of an academically challenging curriculum to young women who could not afford to attend a four year residential college. Many students eventually completed four year degrees elsewhere.

Classes were originally held at the Hartford YWCA. In 1939 the college moved to a house on Highland Street. The Connecticut Legislature granted the College a charter to award the Associate in Arts degree in 1941. In 1959 the college moved from Highland Street to the former Seaverns estate on the corner of Elizabeth and Asylum Streets.

Originally the students were all commuters. Eventually, the college provided dormitories for out of town students. The college became part of the local 12 college consortium and the offices of the consortium were housed on the HCW campus. Professors from Smith in Northampton, Massachusetts and other four year colleges commuted to the HCW campus to teach HCW students the same courses the professors taught at their home colleges.

By 1980s the cost of maintaining the college had increased astronomically. Moreover, most young women seeking as single-sex education chose to enroll in four year programs such as those provided by St. Joseph’s in West Hartford or Smith and Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts. With mixed emotions, the leadership of HCW agreed to affiliate with the University of Hartford in 1990. In May 2003, the undergraduate section was closed by the University and the students and faculty were assigned to other colleges.

Today the HCW campus serves as a branch of the University. HCW dormitories now provide housing for graduate students of the University. Now called The Asylum Street Campus, HCW provides programs for adult students as well as many offerings related to the particular needs of women.

The college had several names including Mount Holyoke in Hartford, Hartford Junior College, Hartford College, and Hartford College for Women. The campus is now known as the Asylum Street Branch of the University of Hartford.


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Language of Materials



The collection is arranged by topic.

Existence and Location of Copies

A small portion of the collection has been digitized and can be accessed at:

Container List

Box 1: Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

See also Administrators/Laura Johnson

Consortium/Campus Resources, A Guide to Community Service Programs, 1980s-2007

Consortium/combined course lists, 1970s-1990s

Consortium/Graduate Planning Group, 1979

Consortium/Miscellaneous, 1970s

Consortium/Miscellaneous, 2000s

Consortium/Newspaper clippings

Box 2: Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, continued

This box was moved from the Non-University of Hartford Collection on 11/3/2008

Consortium/Greater Hartford Consortium, 1970-1978

Consortium/course list, 1979

Consortium/consortium Libraries/Minutes, 1972-1981

Consortium/consortium, 1991-1997

Consortium/Hartford consortium/minutes, resports, correspondence, 1984-1985

Consortium/Minutes, 1985-1989

Box 3: History of Hartford College for Women

History/Act incorporating Hartford Junior College, 1941

History/Act of Incorporation, Hartford Junior College, Founders, 1939

History/Archives/Archives listing at original site, 1992

History/Archives/miscellaneous including flag flown in china and civil war

History/Harford Junior College/License to solicit, 1942

History/Hartford Junior College/miscellaneous

History/Hartford Junior College/Name changed to Harford College, 1958

History/Newspaper clippings, several folders

History/Histories of the college

History/Time lines

History/Hartford College for Women/Histories

History/several folders of miscellaneous material

History/oral history/several folders

Box 4: Oral History

History/Oral History, several folders of background material

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Adams, Kendra Dowd

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Armstead, Doris

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Beur, Cynthia

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Buell, Ann

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Burr, Cynthia

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Butterworth, Oliver “Bud”

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Copeland, Frederick includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Epstein, Dora

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Foo, Jennifer

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Green, Margaret

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Haffner, Rudolph

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Hoffman, Freddie

History/Oral History/Transcript index/House, Virginia

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Kaschmann, Truda, CD is in Faculty/Kaschmann

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Kneeland, Beatrice includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Kovach, Marcia Kovach

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Lyman, Christine

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Morse, Philip

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Newlands, Theodora includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Newman, Diane Gould

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Noel, Emily

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Paullin, Ellen

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Pierce, Grace Dunn

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Pietrallo, Dorothy includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Polivy, Paula includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Price, Grace Dunn

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Pritchard, Helen

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Randall, Helen includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Read, Glenda Copes

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Rosenbaum, Joan Grossman

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Russell, Sallie

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Sharasheff, Ethel

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Smith, Millicent Bolling includes CD

History/Oral History/Transcript index/Williams, Elizabeth includes CD

The original oral history tapes and documentation are housed at the Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut. The papers of Oliver Butterworth are also housed at the Dodd Center; a finding aid is available online.

Box 5: history/anniversaries


History/Anniversaries/25th, 1965

History/Anniversaries/40th, 1979

History/Anniversaries/50th, 1989

History/Anniversaries/50th, 1989, 5 folders

History/Anniversaries/50th/poster, “bouquets on your 50th”, map case 1. One framed poster accession 2011.15 is currently at 8B D 5.

History/Anniversaries/60th, 1999

Box 6: History/written histories

History/Barstow, Jane/A Woman’s Place, the First Fifty Years of Hartford College, 1983

History/Butterworth, Oliver/Hartford College by, 2 folders

History/Graham, Bess history of Hartford College, 1933-1939, several folders

History/Graham, Bess/Reunion 1970 and History, 1926-1970.

History/Lyman-Farquhar, Christine

History/Trustees for Education Management, 1972

History/Swift, Jane Nichols, “Mount Holyoke in Hartford; A Noble Experiment” Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, Fall 1984, p.20.

4 guest books, 50th anniversary, on shelf

Box 7:

History, several folders

History/Accreditation, 1959?

History/Accreditation, 1971-1972

History/Affiliation with University of Hartford, several folders

History/Affiliation with University of Hartford/Agreement, 1991, 2 folders

History/Affiliation with University of Hartford/ALS Tonkin to McGrory, 1990

History/Affiliation with University of Hartford/report for NEASC, 1991

History/Affiliation with University, 1990s

History/Affiliation with University/Alumnae reaction, 1992

History/Chronology, 1933-1995.

History/Helen Randall and Howell Cheney/correspondence, 1939-1946



History/Founding History/

History/Hartford Junior College Accreditation documents, 1939

Box 7A,

The Folders in front of box need more sorting:

History/HCW leaves Highland Street

History/Mount Holyoke in Hartford

History/alumnae speeches and memories, 1960-1980

History/Mount Holyoke in Hartford, 1934-1937

History/Mount Holyoke in Hartford, 1964

History/Mount Holyoke in Hartford/brochures

History/Mt. Holyoke/Letter from Roswell Ham to Howell Cheney, 1939

History/Prospecti, 1930s

History/Seal, honor codes, traditions, 2 folders

History/Tamblyn and Tamblyn consultants report, “Suggestions for A Hartford Junior College for Girls, 1939

History/various writings, 1960-1980

History/World War II flyer from Hartford College for Women, For the Duration and After

History/Written Histories/History by Jane Nichols Swift, 2 folders

History/Hyde, clement/correspondence with Hyde, Allen

Institute for Educational Management Accreditation, 1971-1972

Institute for Educational Management Accreditation/Miss Johnson’s response, 1971-1972

Box 8 Administrators/Johnson, Laura A.

“Administrators” includes presidents, deans, and other senior, but non-faculty personnel. Laura Johnson was the first and longest serving president of HCW.

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Awards and Honors photos

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Awards, 1970s

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Correspondence

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Correspondence/Christmas Letters, 1960s-1970s

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Correspondence/Grasso, Ella, 1968

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Fundraising, 1975

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Greater Hartford Consortium, 1972

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Honorary Degrees, 1969 and 1975 photos

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Johnson roots in Vermont

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Laura Johnson Endowment Fund, 1976

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Newspaper clippings

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Obituary, 1980

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Phoenix/first woman Director, 1972

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Retirement, 1976 photos

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Retirement/Garden party, 1976

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Reunion, 1969/25th Anniversary photo

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Speeches and writings

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /University of Vermont photos

Administrators/Johnson, Laura A. /Vitae

Box 9: Presidents other than Laura Johnson and Other Administrators

Administrators/Presidents/Butterworth, Miriam, Acting President

Administrators/Presidents/Davis, Joan, President

Administrators/Presidents/Johnson, Laura A. /see box 4

Administrators/Presidents/McGrory, Kathleen, President

Administrators/Presidents/McGrory, Kathleen/MAPS Minority Advancement Program

Administrators/Presidents/McGrory, Kathleen, President/Inauguration, 1985

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Appointment

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Awards

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Board Appointments

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Inauguration

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Interviews

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Manhattanville

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Résumé while at HCW

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A. /Speeches

Administrators/Presidents/Savage, Marcia A., /correspondence

Administrators/Blanchan, Sue

Administrators/Frick, Grace

Administrators/Frick, Grace/Correspondence

Administrators/Frick, Grace/Howard, Joan

Administrators/Gray, Edward

Administrators/Hathaway, Melvin Spencer

Administrators/Lennon, Susan, Director

Administrators/Randall, Helen W.

Administrators/Randall, Helen W./Correspondence

Box 10: Staff

Staff/Aldrich, Julia to Lennon, Susan

Staff/Baldwin, Ann

Staff/Champlin, Gail

Staff/Church, Dorothy

Staff/Grassick, Barbara

Staff/Jesse, Larry

Staff/Kemp, Phyllis

Staff/Lewandowski, Susan

Staff/Mansfield, Lillian

Staff/Paullin, Ellen

Box 11: Administration

?Administration/ and World War II/Air raid plans, 1942-1945

Administration/Annual Report, 1988

Administration/Long Range Planning, 1980s

Administration/Staff meetings, 1978

By-laws, 1952-1959

By-laws, 1960-1963

By-Laws, 1963 and 1986

By-laws/Committee, 1969

By-laws/Committee, 1987

Box 12.1: Committees

Committees/Admissions and financial aid

Committees/Educational Policy Committee/Minutes 2 folders

Committees/Executive Committee, 1990 C17.E

Committees/independent study

Committees/Liaison Committee C15.L

Committees/Long range planning

Committees/Long range planning, 1970s-1980s C14

Committees/Miscellaneous C17


Box 12.2: Committees

This material was added to the HCW collection in 2013 from Accession 2012.12

Committees/Educational Policy Committee, several folders, 1980s-1990s

Committees/AOH/Administrative Office Heads, 4 folders, 1980s

Box 12.3: Long Range Planning, 1980s

This material was added to the HCW collection in 2013 from Accession 2012.12

Long range planning/Charts

Long range planning/committee materials

Long range planning/Committee meetings and minutes

Long range planning/Final Phase

Long range planning/Guidelines

Long range planning/Library

Long range planning/Marketing

Long range planning/Mission

Long range planning/Proposed revision

Long range planning/Recruitment

Box 13: Administration/Market research study, 1991

This report evaluated the marketability of the new Academic Express program.

Box 14: Academics/Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1950s-1973

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1950 November-1958 April

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1958 November-1961 November

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1962 April -1965 November

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1966 April-1968 November

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1969 April-1973 October

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1970s

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1972 April-1973 November

Box 15: Academics/Faculty/Minutes, 1974-1990s

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1974 April-1975 May

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1974 April-1977 May

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1975 September-1976 April

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1976 May-1983 October

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1980s

Faculty Meetings/Minutes, 1990s

Box 16: Academics/Faculty A-M

Faculty/Individuals/Meet the Faculty, booklet prepared by students, profiling faculty members, 1984-1985

Faculty/Individuals/Barstow, Jane

Faculty/Individuals/Bender, Ruth, article by Gretchen Skelley for Saturday morning club, 1986

Faculty/Individuals/Bennett, James

Faculty/Individuals/Bonaca, Jeanne R.

Faculty/Individuals/Cohn-Haft, Louis

Faculty/Individuals/Cunningham, Priscilla

Faculty/Individuals/Danielson, Bill

Faculty/Individuals/Gamble, Jennifer

Faculty/Individuals/Gamer, Helena Margaret, 1890-1966

Faculty/Individuals/Gomez Gil, Alfredo, 2 folders

Faculty/Individuals/Grattan, Madeleine Mauriac. ALS to Laura Johnson

Faculty/Individuals/Grattan, Madeleine Mauriac./Obituary see also Meet the Faculty

Faculty/Individuals/Guy, James


Faculty/Individuals/Harold, David/Minister

Faculty/Individuals/Harvey, Peter

Faculty/Individuals/Johnson, Allan

Faculty/Individuals/Kaschmann, Truda, several folders, includes CD version of oral history. See also media Access database collection

Faculty/Individuals/Keifer, Elizabeth

Faculty/Individuals/Leonard, Fred

Faculty/Individuals/Lewis, T. R.

Faculty/Individuals/Loomis, Louise

Faculty/Individuals/Lyman, Christine

Faculty/Individuals/Melnicsak, Arthur

Faculty/Individuals/Morse, Philip

Box 17: Academics/Faculty N-Z

Faculty/Individuals/Newlands, Theodora (Bartley) “Teddy” librarian

Faculty/Individuals/Peterson, Karen A.

Faculty/Individuals/Ritvo, Cynthia

Faculty/Individuals/Scanlon, Harry

Faculty/Individuals/Stenson, Sten

Faculty/Individuals/Shepala, Sharon see also Women’s Research Institute

Faculty/Individuals/Thayer, Bjorg

Faculty/Individuals/Van Rynbach, Iris

Faculty/Individuals/Weinstein, Allen

Faculty/Individuals/Yourcenar, Marguertie

Faculty/Awards/Professor of the year, 1988-2003

Faculty/Member list, 1950-1951

Faculty/Member list, 1960s

Faculty/Member list, 1980ss

Box 18: Academics/Academic Programs

Academic Programs/Academic Express, 1990s-2000s

Academic Programs/Academic Express/Service Mark, 2003

Academic Programs/Academic Express/Summerplace campership, 2000

Academic Programs/Academic Express/Anthem, 1998

Academic Programs/Academic Express/Miscellaneous, several folders

Academic Programs/Co-op Education, 1980s

Academic Programs/courses

Academic Programs/Institute of Living extension, 1945

Academic Programs/Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Academic Programs/Miscellaneous

Academic Programs/Nursing

Academic programs/retailing

Academic Programs/retailing

Academic Programs/Science, Math and Engineering, 1990s

Box 19: Faculty and Staff Directories, Faculty Handbooks

Faculty and staff directory, 1976

Faculty and staff directory, 1991-1992

Faculty Handbook, 1970s-1980s

Alliance Françoise of Hartford/Accessions, 1955-1973


Box 20: Library accessions to August 1968

Library Accessions, 1939-1941

Library Accessions, 1941-1948

Library Accessions, 1948-1959

Library Accessions, 1959-1963

Library Accessions, 1963-1965

Library Accessions, 1965-1967

Library Accessions, 1967-1968

Box 21: Library Accessions, 1968-1980

Box 22: Library Accessions, 1980-1996;

Library/Accessions, 1980-1996, several folders

Box 23: Faculty and Staff Publications; library miscellaneous

Library/Black History

Library/Floor plan

Library/Miscellaneous, several folders


Library/Surveys, 2 folders

Library/University of Hartford interactions, 1996

Publications/Faculty and Staff/Lists, 1974

Box 24: Faculty/Published Work,

Faculty/Published work/Barstow, Jane Missner. One Hundred Years of American Faculty/Published work/Women Writing, 1848-1948: An Annotated bio-bibliography, 1997

Faculty/Published work/Butterworth, Oliver. A Visit to the Big House, 1987

Faculty/Published work/Butterworth, Oliver. Das Riesenei, 1980

Faculty/Published work/Butterworth, Oliver. The Enormous Egg, 1956

Faculty/Published work/Butterworth, Oliver. The First Blueberry Pig, 1986

Faculty/Published work/Butterworth, Oliver. The Narrow Passage, 1973

Faculty/Published work/Lyman, Christine Ramsey. Larks, 1991

Faculty/Published work/Scanlon, Lawrence. A Memorial of Ebensee, 1994

Box 25: Development

Development/Capital Campaign, 1989

Development, 1942

Development, 1950s-1970s


Development/Hartford College Association, 1940s


Development/Prospectus, Marketing materials, including A Great Place to Begin

Development/Public information

Development/Parents’ Club, parent’ handbook, 1970s-1990s 35

Development and Fundraising

Development/Title III/Higher Education Act of 1965/grant application

Box 25A: Special Events/Commencement, 1940s-1950s

Special Events/Commencement, 1940 First

Special Events/Commencement, 1940-1975

Special Events/Commencement, 1940s

Special Events/Commencement, 1941 Second

Special Events/Commencement, 1942

Special Events/Commencement, 1943

Special Events/Commencement, 1944

Special Events/Commencement, 1946

Special Events/Commencement, 1947

Special Events/Commencement, 1948

Special Events/Commencement, 1949

Special Events/Commencement, 1950

Special Events/Commencement, 1951

Special Events/Commencement, 1952

Special Events/Commencement, 1953

Special Events/Commencement, 1954

Special Events/Commencement, 1955

Special Events/Commencement, 1956

Special Events/Commencement, 1957

Special Events/Commencement, 1958

Special Events/Commencement, 1959

Box 26: Special Events/Special Events/Commencement, 1960s-1980s

Special Events/Commencement, 1960

Special Events/Commencement, 1961

Special Events/Commencement, 1962

Special Events/Commencement, 1963

Special Events/Commencement, 1964

Special Events/Commencement, 1965

Special Events/Commencement, 1966

Special Events/Commencement, 1967

Special Events/Commencement, 1968

Special Events/Commencement, 1969

Special Events/Commencement, 1970

Special Events/Commencement, 1971

Special Events/Commencement, 1972

Special Events/Commencement, 1973

Special Events/Commencement, 1974

Special Events/Commencement, 1975

Special Events/Commencement, 1976

Special Events/Commencement, 1977

Special Events/Commencement, 1978

Special Events/Commencement, 1979

Special Events/Commencement, 1980

Special Events/Commencement, 1981

Special Events/Commencement, 1982

Special Events/Commencement, 1983

Special Events/Commencement, 1984

Special Events/Commencement, 1985

Special Events/Commencement, 1986

Special Events/Commencement, 1987

Special Events/Commencement, 1988

Special Events/Commencement, 1989

Box 27: Special Events/Special Events/Commencement, 1990s-2000s

Special Events/Commencement, 1990

Special Events/Commencement, 1991

Special Events/Commencement, 1992

Special Events/Commencement, 1993

Special Events/Commencement, 1994

Special Events/Commencement, 1995

Special Events/Commencement, 1996

Special Events/Commencement, 1997

Special Events/Commencement, 1998

Special Events/Commencement, 1999

Special Events/Commencement, 2000

Special Events/Commencement, 2001

Special Events/Commencement, 2002

Special Events/Commencement, 2003

Special Events/Commencement, nd

Box 28: Special Events, excluding Commencement, A-K

Special Events/Baccalaureate, 1963

Special Events/Calendar of events, 1968, 2000

Special Events/Celebration of Women Leaders, 1990s

Special Events/Celebration of Women Leaders, 1993

Special Events/Chameleon/spring festival, 1950s












Special events/Chameleon/Spring festival, 1960s











Special Events/Chameleon/Spring Festival, 1970s










Special Events/Spring Festival/miscellaneous

Special Events/Class Day, 1963

Convocation, 1959, 1998

Convocation, 1953

?Special Events/Convocation, 1958, 1959

Convocation, 1976

Special Events/Katharine Hepburn, 1989

Box 29: Special Events, excluding commencement, L-Z

Special Events/Lectures, 7 folders

Special Events/Lectures/Frost, Robert, 1947

Special Events/Lectures/Frost, Robert, 1947 photo

?Special Events/Lectures/Middleton, Faith

Special Events/Lectures/Mrs. Green’s notebook, 1955

?Special Events/Library of Congress Bicentennial

Special Events/Milestones, 2000

Special Events/Miscellaneous, several folders

Special Events/Lectures/Perkins, Virginia Chase/started Adult Lecture Series

Special events/Sarton, May/exhibit

Special Events/Spring Festival see Special Events/Chameleon/Spring Festival

Special Events/War-time Function of College Training for Women, 1942

Special Events/WomanConnect/Spend an Evening with Gloria Steinem, 1995

Special Events/Women’s Research Institute/African-American Women’s Writers Conference

Special Events/one folder of unsorted material

Box 30: Special Events/Shakespeare’s birthday

Shakespeare’s birthday and the Medieval Banquet were popular events at HCW during the 1980s-1990s. The majority of the documentation of these events is found in the HCW photograph collection. This box contains a small amount of documentation and is almost empty, so there is room to add more material.

Box 31: Student Publications

?Student Publications/All About Me, 1976

Student Publications/Amot Vincit Omnia, 1982

?Student Publications/August, 1970s

Student Publications/Creative Writers Group, 1994

Student Publications/Different Faces, 1979

Student Publications/Different voices, 1980

Student Publications/End of Summer, 1983

Student Publications/Etudes in Ink, 1975

Student Publications/Etc., 1978

Student Publications/Fall Season, 1982

Student Publications/From Root to Flower, 1982

Student Publications/From root to Flower; A study of Chaucer’s Marriage Group, 1981

Student Publications/Highlights

Student Publications/Highlights

Box 32: no box 32

Box 33: Student Publications

Student Publications/Autumn

Student Publications/I Like All Animals, 1979

Student Publications/Impressions, 1984

Student Publications/Inside Out, 1977

?Student Publications/January

?Student Publications/Kaleidoscope portraits

?Student Publications/Letters From, 1973

Student Publications/Making of an Author V.II, 1982

Student Publications/Making of an Author, V. II, 1982

Student Publications/Masks and Moods, 1983

Student Publications/Mélange, 1960

Student Publications/Mélange, 1963

Student Publications/Mélange, 1964

Student Publications/Mélange, 1962

Student Publications/Mélange, 1967

Student Publications/Mélange, 1968

Student Publications/Mélange, 1971

?Student Publications/October, 1974

?Student Publications/October, 1981

Student Publications/Patchwork, 1987

Student Publications/Patchwork, second edition

?Student Publications/Poems by children, 1975

Box 34: Student Publications

Student Publications/Reflections, 1985

Student Publications/September

Student Publications/September, 1980

Student Publications/September, 1984

Student Publications/Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight, 1983

Student Publications/The Sword Between, 1984

Student Publications/The Trap, 1947

Student Publications/The Writer, 1981

Student Publications/This is a Poem, 1974

Student Publications/Thought Stoppers, 1976

Student Publications/Impressions, 1984

Student Publications/Word Wings

Student Publications/Writes of Passage

Box 35: Student Publications

Student Publications/Thibideau, Lynn/A collection of alcohol related stories from Butterworth hall, 1990

Student Publications/Creative Writing, 1991

Student Publications/Lavado, Laura/Pardoner: The Man Behind the Mask, 1985

Student Publications/Broadside, 1977

Student Publications/Letters From, 1974

Student Publications/Mélange, 1960s

Box 36: Students/lists

Students/lists, 1936

Students/lists, 1960s

Students/lists, 1970s, 3 folders

Students/lists, 1979-1980s

Students/transfers, 1950s-1970s

Box 37: Student handbooks

Student handbook, 1960

Student handbook, 1967-1968


Student handbook, 1981-1982

Student handbook, 1969-1970


Student handbook, 1971-1972

Student handbook, 1972-1973

Student handbook, 1973-1974

Student handbook, 1974-1975

Student handbook, 1975-1976

Student handbook, 1976-1977

Student handbook, 1977-1978

Student handbook, 1978-1979

Student handbook,-1979-1980

Student handbook, 1981-1982

Student handbook, 1982-1983

Student handbook, 1983-1984

Student handbook, 1984-1985

Student handbook, 1985-1986

Student handbook, 1987-1988

Student handbook, 1988-1989

Student handbook, 1989-1990

Survival in Hartford: The College Guide, 1989-1990 (not an HCW Publication.

Box 38.1: Students

Students/Activities, 1959-1963

Students/Activities, 1958-1959


Students/Admissions/retention, 1987

Students/Admissions/Consultant/Ingersoll Group, 1984`

Students/Assembly Programs, 1961-1962


Box 38.2: Students


Students/Student Directory, 1982-1983



Students/Freshman Survey, 1984-1985

Students/freshman week, 1963

Students/Freshmen/Horizons, 1978

Students/Housing, 1970-1971

Students/Laura Johnson Scholars

Students/Newspaper clippings, 1939

Students/Newspaper clippings, 1960s-1970s

Students/Orientation, 1996

Students/Republican Club

Students/Student Strike, 1970

Students/Student Strike/Essay about Strike and Moratorium/no author, 1970

Students/Valentine sent to al students, 1961-1962?

Box 39 Students/Sororities/National Honor Society/Phi Theta Kappa

Box 40: Board of Trustees/members

Board of Trustees/Members/Alleyne, Barbara

Board of Trustees/Members/Alvord, Anne S.

Board of Trustees/Members/Bailey, Carole Parsons

Board of Trustees/Members/Bakewell, Henry P.

Board of Trustees/Members/Belding, Maxwell

Board of Trustees/Members/Bennet, Bessye

Board of Trustees/Members/Bouchard, Thomas

Board of Trustees/Members/Butterworth, Oliver (was he ever a trustee? This material was found with trustees’ material

Board of Trustees/Members/Butterworth, Paul/correspondence, 1956

Board of Trustees/Members/Butterworth, Paul/Uncle Paul Stories compiled by Lucy Townsend, 2005

Board of Trustees/Members/Butterworth, Paul/Meetings/Notes and minutes, 1956

Board of Trustees/Members/Cheney, Howell

Board of Trustees/Members/Clarke, Logan

?Board of Trustees/Members/Conard, Frederick U., Jr.

Board of Trustees/Members/Coolbrith, Alison

Board of Trustees/Members/Delana, Anne

Board of Trustees/Members/Eakins, William

Board of Trustees/Members/Earling, Elizabeth Shannon

Board of Trustees/Members/Eddy, Robert

Board of Trustees/Members/Epstein, Dora Schwartz

Board of Trustees/Members/Fenniman, William C.

Board of Trustees/Members/Fisher, Louise

Board of Trustees/Members/Gates, Joanne F.

Board of Trustees/Members/Glover, Williams and Williams, frank O. H.

Board of Trustees/Members/Goodwin, Dorothy C.

Board of Trustees/Members/Goodwin, Genevieve “Tullie”

Board of Trustees/Members/Goodwin, Jonathan

Board of Trustees/Members/Groark, Eunice

Board of Trustees/Members/Groark, Thomas

Board of Trustees/Members/Hincks, Marcia

Board of Trustees/Members/House, Virginia

Board of Trustees/Members/Hyde, Clement

Board of Trustees/Members/Hyde, Clement/Correspondence

Board of Trustees/Members/Judd, Margaret Chase

Board of Trustees/Members/Kepler, Eleanor

Board of Trustees/Members/Kneeland, Beatrice, 2 folders

Board of Trustees/Members/Koopman, Richard

Board of Trustees/Members/Kraus, Eileen

Board of Trustees/Members/Loomis, Worth

Board of Trustees/Members/Matthews, Charles

Board of Trustees/Members/Lannquist,

Board of Trustees/Members/McCaughey, A. Patrick

Board of Trustees/Members/Newfield, Joy

Board of Trustees/Members/Prichard, Helen

Board of Trustees/Members/McKinley, Patricia

Board of Trustees/Members/Pietrallo, Dorothy, 2 folders

Board of Trustees/Members/Pustilnik, David

Board of Trustees/Members/Rosenbaum, Robert

Board of Trustees/Members/Savin, Elaine

Board of Trustees/Members/Shulansky, Ralph

Board of Trustees/Members/Smith, Gwendolyn Miles

Board of Trustees/Members/Standish, Hilda

Board of Trustees/Members/Stilson, C. Hoyt

Board of Trustees/Members/Sulewski, Lisa

Board of Trustees/Members/Thibideau, Lynn

Board of Trustees/Members/Vineburgh, Nancy Taylor

Board of Trustees/Members/Wilkes, Dorian

Board of Trustees/Members/Wilkes, Samuel

Board of Trustees/Members/Williams, Frank O. H.

Box 41: Board of Trustees/ General and Minutes and Reports

See also HCW Board Minutes Collection. The minutes found here are stray documents.

Board of Trustees/By-laws, 1952

Board of Trustees/Committees/descriptions

Board of Trustees/Executive Committee Minutes

Board of Trustees/finance committee, 1991

Board of Trustees/Merger material, 1990s

Board of Trustees/Members/Lists, 2 folders

Board of Trustees/Minutes, 1950s

Board of Trustees/Minutes, 1930s

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 1998-1999

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 1999-2000

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports/Executive Committee Meeting/Special Session, 1998 Dec. 19

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports/Executive Committee, 1998-1999

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports/Executive Committee, 1999-2000,

Board of Trustees/Resolutions re courses of study

Box 42: Board of Trustees/Minutes and reports, 2000-2006

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 2000-2001

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 2001-2002

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 2002-2003

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports/Executive Committee, 2002-2004

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 2003-2004

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports, 2004-2005

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports/Executive Committee, 2004-2005

Board of Trustees/Minutes and Reports/Executive Committee/WelFund Creation, 2005-2007 see also history and WelFund

No 43: Trustees orientation packages, 1980s

Box 44: Women’s Education, General

This box contains newspaper clippings, articles, and other material related to history and importance of single sex education. This material was collected by HCW staff over a period of thirty years.

Women’s Education/Journal and Magazine Articles, undated

Women’s Education/Journal and Magazine Articles, 1970s

Women’s Education/Journal and Magazine Articles, 1980s

Women’s Education/Journal and Magazine Articles, 1990s

Women’s Education/Newspaper clippings, 1970s

Women’s Education/Newspaper clippings, 1990s

Women’s Education/Newspaper clippings, undated

Women’s Education/Women’s College Survey, 1977

Women’s Education/Women’s College Coalition/Promotional Booklet, 1995

Women’s Education/Women’s Research Institute

Women’s Education/HCW Publicity “What, No Guys?”

Women’s Education/Doonsbury cartoon

Box 45: Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame

Although not formally affiliated with HCW, the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame was initially housed on the Asylum Street Campus. The Hall of Fame moved to Southern Connecticut State University in 2007.

CWHF/Anniversaries10th, 2003

CWHF/Celebration of Women Leaders/Farrell, Mary, C., 2001

CWHF/Celebration of Women Leaders/Groark, Eunice, 2003

CWHF/Celebration of Women Leaders/Kraus, Eileen, 1998

CWHF/Celebration of Women Leaders/Young, Dona D., 2002



CWHF/Inductions/gala, 2006

CWHF/Inductions/gala, 2006

CWHF/Laura Johnson Woman of the Year, 1997

CWHF/Newspaper clippings, 1993-

Box 46: Buildings and Grounds/Buildings

The Hartford College for Women campus was at one time considered among “the most beautiful in America.” Today the campus houses the Career Development Center, the Entrepreneurial Center, and Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame. Until 2008 the residence halls serve as women only housing for the entire University. The residences now house graduate students.

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/236 Girard

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/60 Elizabeth Street/Levine/Countryman house

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/80 Elizabeth Street

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Auerbach/Science

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Babcock House

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Butterworth Hall/Seaverns house, 4 folders

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Counseling Center, Career Development Center, Professional Development Center, Basson, 50 Elizabeth Street

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Construction and Equipment

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Furnishings

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Highland Street, Several folders

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Highland Street/demolition

Buildings and Grounds/buildings/Highland street/inventory of contents

Buildings and Grounds/buildings/Hyde laboratory

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Johnson House

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Johnson House/Hazen

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Maintenance

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Miscellaneous, several folders

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Murphy House

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Residence halls

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Seaverns Estate

Buildings and Grounds/buildings/with dates

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/YWCA

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/National Register of Historic Places/Prospect Ave. Historic District, 1985

Box 46A: Buildings and Grounds/Buildings. Additional material 2009.5

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Babcock House,

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Balgley House, 1977-1978

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Belding Houses, 1970s

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Cheney Hall/renovations, 1980s

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Clark House, 1975

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Hyde, Cheney and Lorenz/dedication of three new buildings by William Mortensen, 1959

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Dworin House, 1977

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Hartford Seminary as possible site

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Maple Hill Farms vending machines, 1964

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/maps/HCW plan

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/maps/plans/directions, campus and boundaries

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/McLean

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Miscellaneous

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Pritchard House, 1976

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Residence regulations, 1972

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Residence repairs, 1974

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Reynolds, Nancy/Counseling Center

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Reynolds/newspaper clippings

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Virginia Thrall Smith House, 1976

Buildings and Grounds/Committee, 1988

Box 46B: Buildings and Grounds/Buildings. Additional material 2009.5

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Firehouse

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/firehouse/architects’ inquiries

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/firehouse/newspaper clippings

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/firehouse?

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/House possbilites?Lincoln, Veeder, Seaverns

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/residence halls, 1972

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Seaverns house

Box 47: Buildings and Grounds/Grounds

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Articles/Gaines, Thomas/”Collecting Campuses in Connecticut,” 1986

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Articles/Swain, Virginia/”Take A Look Around”, from Chronicle, 1982

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Facilities Master Plan/Charette

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Facilities plan by Russell L. DeVeau, 1991

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Facilities/Rental

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Brimfield Nursery

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Edwards, Mary

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Miscellaneous

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Olmstead Associates, Inc. /Correspondence

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Olmstead, Frederick Law/Newspaper clippings

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Plantings/Miscellaneous

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Plantings/index cards listing plantings, keyed to map/plan/accession 2014.4

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Seaverns Estate/Marshall, Robert

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/landscaping/Tour Guide Handbook

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Trees

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/trees/Richardson, Edward report, 1999

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Landscaping/Walgren Tree Experts

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/maps

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/maps and plans

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Maps/Grounds

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/McKinley Campus Fund

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Merger with University of Hartford/Campus Name

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Miscellaneous

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Miscellaneous

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Miscellaneous

Buildings and Grounds/Groups/Oversize landscape design by Frederick Law Olmstead II (?) now between tan filing cabinet and map case in archival folder

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Property condition Survey, 1996

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Rhododendron Society

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Signage

Buildings and Grounds/Grounds/Tamblin & Smith Tree Service, 1964

Buildings and Grounds/Seaverns/Family history

Buildings and Grounds/Seaverns/Family history/Seaverns, Appleton Hillyer

Box 47A:Buildings and Grounds/Buildings, added to collection as part of 2009.5

Box found at 4A A 5

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/furnishings

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Murphy House, 258 Girard Street, 1970s

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Maintenance

Buildings and Grounds/Buildings/Maps and Plans

Buildings and Grounds/Construction and equipment/plans, needs more sorting

Minority Advancement Program “MAPS” not B & G

Box 48: Special books from library

Special books/Lyman, Henry. Noon, 1972

Special books/Lyman, Christine Ramsey. Larks, 1991

Special books/Brumbaugh, Robert S., Editor. Six Trials, 1969

Special books/Frost, Robert. In the Clearing, 1962. Autographed and inscribed to HCW by Frost Oct. 12, 1962

Box 49 : Newsletters, with exception of The Chronicle

HCW issued many newsletters under various names. With the exception of The Chronicle, these newsletters have all been sorted simply by date. Both student and administrative newsletters are included. The Chronicle is filed separately

Newsletters/What’s Up? Student Newspaper, 1940s

Newsletters, 1956

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1964 two students sent to Selma to participate in demonstrations

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1965

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1966 Ribicoff visit, Peter Rose at convocation

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1967

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1968 Ribicoff again

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1969 student reports on March on Washington

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1970

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1971

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1972 residences built

Newsletters/ Felicity Press, 1973

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1973

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1974

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1975

Newsletters/Pagodagazebo, 1974-1975

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1976

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1977

Newsletters/Courier, 1977

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1978

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1986

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1987

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1988

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1982

Newsletters/Counseling Center, 1982

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1983 Toby Moffet teaches class

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1984

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1989

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 1990

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, Informer, 1990s

Newsletters/News Blab for Faculty and Staff, 1990s

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, 2000s

Newsletters/Miscellaneous, undated


Unnumbered box on shelf contains newsletters to be filed

Box 50: Newsletters/The Chronicle

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1979

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1980

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1981, mentions “A Profile of Women’s colleges” conducted by the Women’s College Coalition with funds from the Ford Foundation. and Fall 1980 bulletin from the Project on the status and education of Women which stated, that freshmen at women’s’ colleges are more likely to say they plan to get a doctorate and are more likely to aspire to a traditional male dominated profession. Prospects for women’s colleges look brighter in the 1980s than they had in the 1970s.

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1982

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1983

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1984

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1985

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1986

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1987

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1991

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1993

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1994

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1995

Newsletters/The Chronicle, 1997

Box 51.1: Newsletters/to be sorted and filed

*Joan Davis/single sex colleges

Adults at HCW


Brochures/summer schedule

College Sampler

Coop education

Courier, 1977

Focus, 1979

HCW focus

News, 1970

Newsletters with No name

Newsletters, 1970-1980s

Newsletters/Bulletin/Complete file, 1964-1967

Newsletters/Bulletin/extra copies

Newsletters/Chronicle/extra copies

Newsletters/no name

Summer news

Summer news, 1986

What-no guys?

Box 51.2: Newsletters/to be sorted and filed

Newsletters/Hartford College News, 1968

Newsletters/Hartford College News, 1969

Newsletters/Focus, 1979



Box 51.3:Newsleteers – need sorting- too much in box

Newsletters, 1940s


Newsletters/10th anniversary



Newsletters/Hartford College News, several folders

Box 52: Alumnae Magazine

Alumnae/Alumnae News, Fall 1950

Alumnae/Magazine, 1953

Alumnae/Magazine, 1953 February

Alumnae/Magazine,1954 spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1954 fall

Alumnae/Magazine, 1957 fall

Alumnae/Magazine, March 1967

Alumnae/Magazine, 1964 April

Alumnae/Magazine, 1966 March

Alumnae/Magazine, 1968 Spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1968 Spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1969

Alumnae/Magazine, 1969 Spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1969 Spring

Alumnae/Magazine,1971 Spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1972

Alumnae/Magazine, 1974 Spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1974 spring

Alumnae/Magazine, 1974-1975

Box 53: Alumnae

Alumnae/Admissions work

Alumnae/Affiliation with University/Alumnae reaction, 1992

Alumnae/Alumnae Association

Alumnae/Alumnae Council




Alumnae/By-laws, 1977


Alumnae/Classnotes, 1940s-1960s

Alumnae/Development and Fundraising



Alumnae/Directory, 1940s-1970s

Alumnae/Directory, 1987-1988

Alumnae/Early classes

Alumnae/Hartford area

Alumnae/Letters to

Alumnae/Locations, 2 folders

Alumnae/Locations/New York City


Alumnae/Special Events, several folders

Alumnae/special events/reunion, several folders

Alumnae/special events/reunion/questionnaires/classes of 1955 - 1958

Alumnae/special events/reunion/college day, 1988

Alumnae/special events/reunion/Class of 1964 50th, 2014

Alumnae/Survey/Classes of 1955-1958, survey done 1997

Alumnae/Survey/Class of 1982, survey done 1990

Alumnae/Wedding and Engagement Announcements

Alumnae/Young Alumnae

Box 54: Alumnae/Individuals

? Alumnae/Individuals/Stoddard, Kate Farrow

Alumnae/Individuals/Abbot, Lisa

Alumnae/Individuals/Alston, Maggie

Alumnae/Individuals/Banach, Mellissa Cuhna

Alumnae/Individuals/Barnett, Arlend

Alumnae/Individuals/Bartley, Theodora Newcomb/correspondence, diploma, tuition receipts, 1940

Alumnae/Individuals/Baughns-Wallace, Adrienne, honorary

Alumnae/Individuals/Berman, Judith

Alumnae/Individuals/Bielsfeld, Arlene, class of 1951

Alumnae/Individuals/Boulton, Pam

Alumnae/Individuals/Brown, Judith Wild

Alumnae/Individuals/Burr, Cynthia Murray

Alumnae/Individuals/Burr/Cynthia Murray

Alumnae/Individuals/Campbell, Kathy

Alumnae/Individuals/Charles, C. Mou

Alumnae/Individuals/Charles, Cecelia M. Mou

Alumnae/Individuals/Colon, Antonette

Alumnae/Individuals/Coolbrith, Alison

Alumnae/Individuals/Curry, Teresa

Alumnae/Individuals/deFalacio, Patricia Cavenaugh

Alumnae/Individuals/Ebstein, Gemma Fontanella,

Alumnae/Individuals/Emanuelson, Barbara Dutton

Alumnae/Individuals/Farrow, Anne

Alumnae/Individuals/Fisher, Louise

Alumnae/Individuals/Frazier, Joanne

Alumnae/Individuals/Frederickson, Virginia Biddle

Alumnae/Individuals/French, Constance

Alumnae/Individuals/Fuchs, Gaynell

Alumnae/Individuals/Gilbert, Evelyn Repo

Alumnae/Individuals/Gronbeck, Patricia Gatziewicz

Alumnae/Individuals/Harris, Janet Schoepflin

Alumnae/Individuals/Hecher, Sandy, one of the first transfer students to Amherst

Alumnae/Individuals/Hobbs, Glenda K.

Alumnae/Individuals/Hoffman, Frederica “Freddi” Boothroyd

Alumnae/Individuals/Howd, Carolyn Schaefer

Alumnae/Individuals/Jacobson, Denise Amidon

Alumnae/Individuals/Kaplan, Harriet

Alumnae/Individuals/Koskoff, Charlotte Goldstein

Alumnae/Individuals/Kuropat, Rosemary

Alumnae/Individuals/Lombard, Geraldine

Alumnae/Individuals/Ludwiszewski, Christine

Alumnae/Individuals/Lyford, Jaime

Alumnae/Individuals/Manchester, Julia

Alumnae/Individuals/Mansfield, Lillian

Alumnae/Individuals/Marshall, Ellyn Madigan

Alumnae/Individuals/McGill, Allyson Faith

Alumnae/Individuals/Milliken, Margaret Jean

Alumnae/Individuals/Mitchell, Grace

Alumnae/Individuals/Mitchell, Josephine

Alumnae/Individuals/Negron, Edna

Alumnae/Individuals/Oliver, Phyllis

Alumnae/Individuals/Peck, Pam

Alumnae/Individuals/Radin, Ruth

Alumnae/Individuals/Reed, Glenda Copes

Alumnae/Individuals/Reilly, Sharon Stankevich

Alumnae/Individuals/Rini, Donna

Alumnae/Individuals/Rivosa, Deborah

Alumnae/Individuals/Roberts, Marcia Kohanski

Alumnae/Individuals/Rolon, Helen

Alumnae/Individuals/Rotchford, Kathleen

Alumnae/Individuals/Scalera, Octavia

Alumnae/Individuals/Schaefer-Howd, Carolyn M. (formerly Carolyn M. Smyth)

Alumnae/Individuals/Simmons, Diane Grazette

Alumnae/Individuals/Skut, Karen

Alumnae/Individuals/Strickland, Barbara

Alumnae/Individuals/Sullivan, Geraldine “Gerry”

Alumnae/Individuals/Testa, Claudia, Mrs. Lowell Weiker

Alumnae/Individuals/Thomas, Dora and Karin Rollins

Alumnae/Individuals/Ward, Michelle

Alumnae/Individuals/Warren-Stephenson, Noreen

Alumnae/Individuals/Waterman, Thelma

Alumnae/Individuals/Will, Madeleine C.

Alumnae/Individuals/Williams, Sandra A.

Alumnae/Individuals/Wu, Kathie

Alumnae/Individuals/Young, Dona

Alumnae/Individuals/Ziolkowski, (Zrelkewski) Ruth Ross

Box 55: Catalogs, 1940s-1950s

Catalogs, 1939-1940 only one copy

Catalogs, 1940-1941

Catalogs, 1943-1944

Catalogs, 1944-1945

Catalogs, 1945-1946

Catalogs, 1946-1947

Catalogs, 1947-1948

Catalogs, 1948-1949

Catalogs, 1949-1950

Catalogs, 1950-1951

Catalogs, 1951-1952

Catalogs, 1952-1953

Catalogs, 1953-1954

Catalogs, 1954-1955



Catalogs, 1957-1958

Catalogs, 1958-1959

Catalogs, 1959-1960

Box 56: Catalogs, 1960s

Catalogs, 1960-1961

Catalogs, 1961-1962

Catalogs, 1962-1963

Catalogs, 1963-1964

Catalogs, 1964-1965

Catalogs, 1965-1966

Catalogs, 1966-1967

Catalogs, 1967-1968

Catalogs, 1969-1970

Box 57: Catalogs, 1970s

Catalogs, 1970-1971

Catalogs, 1971-1972

Catalogs, 1972-1973

Catalogs, 1973-1974

Catalogs, 1974/1975/1976

Catalogs, 1976/1977/1978

Catalogs, 1975-1976 supplement

Catalogs, 1978-1979

Catalogs, 1979-1980

Box 58: Catalogs, 1980s-1990s

Catalogs, 1980-1981

Catalogs, 1981-1982

Catalogs, 1982-1983

Catalogs, 1984-1985

Catalogs, 1985-1986

Catalogs, 1986-1987

Catalogs, 1987-1988

Catalogs, 1990-1991

Catalogs, 1991-1992

Box 59: Counseling Center/Career Development Center

The Counseling Center was originally funded by the Title I, the Higher Education Act of 1965. The Center initially provided support to female college graduates entering or reentering the job force. During the 1970s and 80s, the Center expanded its programs, providing workshops, career counseling, and training programs for women from many walks of life. In 2005 the Center’s name was changed to the Career Development Center. See also Center for Professional Development Collection and Counseling Center Collection.

Counseling Center/Anniversaries/20th, 1988/History of Counseling Center

Counseling Center/Events, 1990s

Counseling Center/HCW Career Development Center/New Name, 2005

Counseling Center/Program Catalogs

Counseling Center/History, 1960s-1980s

Counseling Center/Permanent Commission on the Status of Women/Connecticut Women’s Organizations: A Directory, 1989

Counseling Center/Report of Problem Identification Project : Community Service Program of Hartford College for Women under Title I of the Higher Education Act of 1965, Nov.1, 1967 – December 156, 1968 to explore systematically the interest and need of mature, educated women to meet the needs of the Greater Hartford Community, 1969

Box 60: Affiliation with University, “merger”

Files need new folders

Affiliation with University/U of H merger

Affiliation with University/Final Agreement, signed by Humphrey Tonkins and Jane Barstow, July 1, 1991. (photocopy)

Affiliation with University/Finance and organization work group

Affiliation with University/Info for merger/miscellaneous documents re HCW

Affiliation with University/Work Group in General

Affiliation with University/Mission and Organization work groups

Affiliation with University/Advancement work groups

Affiliation with University/Special activities work groups

Affiliation with University/Special activities work groups

Affiliation with University/Miscellaneous but vital

Affiliation with University/HCW Town Meeting, Jan. 10, 1991

Affiliation with University/Faculty Senate Meeting

Affiliation with University/Letters to Students, Parents, and Alumnae

Affiliation with University/Letters and Memos to HCW trustees

Affiliation with University/Letters and Memos to HCW faculty

Affiliation with University/HCW mission

Affiliation with University/HCW degrees absorbed by Arts and Sciences/HCW to no longer give degrees, 2003 May

History/affiliation with University of Hartford

History/affiliation with University of Hartford/merger talks, 1950s

History/affiliation, 1990s

Box 61: Affiliation with University, “merger”

Affiliation with University/history/merger talks, 1950s

Affiliation with University/miscellaneous

Box 62: Newspaper clippings

Newspaper clippings, 1930s

Newspaper clippings, 1940s

Newspaper clippings, 1950s

Newspaper clippings, 1960s

Newspaper clippings, 1970s

Newspaper clippings, 1980s

Newspaper clippings, 1990s

Newspaper clippings, 2000s

Box 63: WelFund

Welfund/Projects/Sophie Tucker exhibit with Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, 2007, 2 folders

Welfund, 2007

WelFund/projects/UHarriet Women’s Living History Project/Wick Griswold, Caitlyn franks, and Christy McClone, 2008

WelFund/Laura Johnson Initiative for Women Leaders

Welfund projects, 2000s

Welfund/Homecoming for women, 2010

See also Affiliation with University of Hartford

See also Oversize

See slso WelFund Collection

Box 64: Brochures

These brochures may duplicate materials found in other sections of the HCW collection.

Brochures/A Great Place to Begin

Brochures/Academic Express/Are You Ready for This? /Earn a Degree at the Speed of Life

Brochures/Admissions, 1976-1977

Brochures/Admissions, 1978-1979

Brochures/Adults at HCW

Brochures/Career Development for Women in Business, 1977-1978

Brochures/Career Growth

Brochures/Catalog Supplement Application

Brochures/College Sampler, 1977

Brochures/College Sampler1978 Fall

Brochures/College Sampler1978 Spring

Brochures/College Sampler1979 spring

Brochures/College Sampler1980 Spring

Brochures/College Sampler1981 Spring

Brochures/coop education

Brochures/Counseling Services

Brochures/Early brochures

Brochures/Everyone Remembers a Teacher


Brochures/Facts about Hartford College for Women

Brochures/Getting Ahead by Going Back to School

Brochures/Hartford College for Women

Brochures/Hartford College for Women as part of University of Hartford, 1990s

Brochures/Hartford College for Women, 1978-1979

Brochures/Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

Brochures/Inside Hartford College for Women, 1978-1979

Brochures/Integrating who you are – what you do

Brochures/Leadership, Management, and Performance Expectations

Brochures/Legal Assistant Program

Brochures/Liberal Arts

Brochures/MSET/Mathematics, Engineering, Science, and technology

Brochures/Nobel Laureates


Brochures/On Being Female

Brochures/On Death and Dying


Brochures/She’s Not a Typical Student

Brochures/Summer session

Brochures/Towards a Working Majority (history)

Brochures/Transfer Options

Brochures/Transfer survey

Brochures/Two Spring Workshops

Brochures/What No Guys?

Brochures/Women’s Studies

Box 65: Financial

Financial/Taxes and Exemptions, 1950s-1960s

Media Box/video

Videos- see recordings database

Professor Florence Howe/beta videotape, no date

Truda Kaschmann, “I have always wanted to be a dancer" 16 mm

HCW’s first track team, 1979 taken by Pat McKinley as an experiment

VHS/HCW in the news, July 15/1999

Recordings, films, cassettes, reel-to-reel, see Recordings Database with the exception of oral history tapes

HCW B 31-K Memorabilia/oversize box needs to be sorted and divided

Framed poster 143/200 limited edition

Oversize: Box 1


Photograph of Laura Johnson and Paul Butterworth

Newspaper articles

HC blue and white beanie


Public relations scrapbook, 1940s

Fundraising and donor’s scrapbook, 1940s

Prospectus mockup, 1970s?

Oversize: Box 2


Videotape/Go For It! 11/17/1995

Videotape/M.K. McGory, 3.18/1990

Shakespeare’s Dinner, 3/13/1992

Scrapbook of 6x4 photos/flowered cover/University of Harford Seal on first pate/”Students attending Hartford College for Women,” 1990s. Also contains scenes of buildings and interiors and photographs of the main University Campus

Scrapbook/Special Events/Authors’ conference, 1989

Oversize: Box 3

Collage of photos honoring, Teddy Newlands, librarian

Framed print/View of Hartford, 1825

Framed print/View of Bushnell Park

Framed Official Statement from Gov William O’Neill honoring HCW, 1986

Framed letter from Court of Common Council/city of Hartford, 1965

Certification from Secretary of State 1989

Oversize: Box 4: HCW and WelFund

Welfund/Sophie Tucker project posters

HCW/Miscellaneous posters and awards

WelFund/University High School posters


Scrapbook 1: Edith H. Edwards, 1978-1985

Scrapbook 2: Admissions, 1980s

Scrapbook 3: Inauguration of Kathleen McGrory, 1985

Scrapbook/Development/Scrapbook presented to Laura Johnson by students and friends in honor of the creation of the Asylum Street Campus, 1957-1960

Scrapbook/Grounds/Through the Seasons, by Oliver Butterworth, 1960s color photos of ground of the college, very faded

Scrapbook/donated by Paula Polivy/photos and newspaper clippings/includes Jeannette MacDonald concert, 1930s-1940s

Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1957 July – 1958 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1958 Sept – 1960 July

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1960 July – 1962 June

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1962 Jul – 1963 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1963 July – 1964 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1939 Sept. – 1941 June

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1940 Sept. – 1941 June

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1941 Aug. – 1945 March

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1944 Sept. – 1945 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1946 Aug. – 1947 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1947 Sept. – 1948 July

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1948 Aug. – 1949 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1949 Aug. – 1950 Dec.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1951 Jan. – 1953 June

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1953 Sept. – 1955 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1955 Sept. – 1956 June

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1956 Aug. – 1957 June

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1964 Sept. – 1965 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1967 Oct. – 1969 Aug.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1969 Sept. – 1972 July .

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1974 Aug. – 1977 Apr.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1980 Apr. – 1983 Oct.

Scrapbook/newspaper clippings, 1983 Oct. – 1985 Dec. + 1986 Jan. – May loose

Box: Commemorative Items/Duplicates

Postcards, Mary Hoffman prints of Butterworth House, and other items that can be given to visitors.


50th anniversary poster, “bouquets on your 50th”, map case 1

2 Plaques at 4B D 1

Development/Scrapbooks/Oversize, several

Special Events/Kappel, Philip/etchings may not be HCW

Artifacts in Aisle 12 A

Flag from Hartford College for Women, see file in Randi-Ashton-Pritting-s office

Banners and Beanie, 1 flat box

On shelf:

Bell used by Miss Johnson





Class ring kit


Miss Johnson’s crimson portable writing desk with contents, including travel diary and other diaries.

Miss Johnson’s teacup and other mugs, 1 record center box

Oliver Butterworth’s enormous egg (the actual egg), 1 record center box

Artifacts on Top shelf/sorting area


Bracket from Highland Street house saved by Oliver and Miriam Butterworth


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